Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves

Do you ever search high and low, over-analyze, consult 12 people with 13 opinions, lose sleep over something... and then realize the answer you're looking for has been right in front of you the whole time?

That's a BIG, DRAMATIC way of saying this: as I sat here thinking about this week's Friday Faves, I took a look at my desk here at the office and realized that two of my current faves are, literally, right in front of me. I didn't exactly lose sleep over this one, but it does make me realize that there are oh-so-many little tiny treasures right before our eyes that are easy to overlook. Without further ado...

1.  MyPublisher
our pretty lil' wedding album
I've recently become obsessed with creating things.  Photo albums, montage videos, online surveys, you name it.  I brought our wedding album in to the office this morning to show a co-worker because I love, love, LOVE the program I used to create it.  I shared the website with her, along with lots of coupons, and she's currently working away on a pretty little album for herself.  If you want to create a beautiful and unique photo album that will last for many, many years... MyPublisher is it!  And it's SO easy. :)

2.  Iced Coffee
bad phone shot :)
It's no secret that I love my iced coffee.  But ever since I started making my own coffee at home (domesticity at its finest), going out to buy coffee has become so much more of a "treat" than an everyday ritual.  I love it that much more now that I don't do it often.  I'll never tire of the coffee shop vibe and it always puts that extra bounce in my step in the mornings.  Hey, it's the little things...

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