Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Faves

In an effort to blog more and be somewhat consistent about what I write (you just never know what you're gonna find here, do you?) I've decided to come up with a little series called Friday Faves where I'll discuss what I'm loving at the moment. Okay, it's actually just because I love alliteration.

1.  Trader Joe's Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers
Holy gorgonzola batman!  These Trader Joe's crackers are ridiculously tasty - the Veuve Clicquot of Cheez-its, I'd say!  They're flavorful and fulfilling and the best part is, the serving size is so big that you can nibble on them almost guilt free :)

2.  Mahjong!
My mom has played mahjong for years and I resisted learning like it was the plague.  I'm not really a board game fan and I certainly don't have the patience that 60-year old women do :)  And then... my sweet friend Laura volunteered to teach some of us how to play, and now I can't get enough!  Sometimes we get together for the girls to play "maj" and the guys to play poker, and we have SO much fun.  Winning 50 cents never felt so good, it's challenging and intense, and the best part is these awesome glittery purple tiles we get to play with :)  Pretty soon we'll be sending our parents out to dinner on a Saturday night and staying in to play like old folks until they get home at 11pm.  Oh wait, that already happened.

DonorsChoose is probably one of the raddest charities I've ever come to know.  It all happens online, connecting the donor to a classroom in need, anywhere in the country.  You have a passion for dissecting frogs?  Great, find a classroom in Bismarck, North Dakota that needs dissection kits.  You like art?  Find a charity in Boston that needs paint trays and blank canvases.  The charity does a great job of making the donor feel impactful, and you'll always get a thank you note from the children which is adorable.  I gave my dad a $50 gift card for Father's Day so he could pick out his own project to support, and my company matched the gift 100%.  That's $100 toward a classroom in need and my dad gets to support a cause he's passionate about.  Win win, I say!

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