Sunday, July 13, 2014

20 Week Update: It's a Boy!

How far along:  20.5 weeks
The baby is the size of:  A small cantaloupe (the length of a banana)!
Maternity clothes:  Yup, lovin' em! Still mixing up maternity pants and some regular ol' shirts. Just got a fun shipment from LOFT (thanks Mom and Dad for the birthday gift).
Best moment this week:  Well, my bike and I made it over the Golden Gate Bridge... so that's an accomplishment. Just took one little spill down a mini hill. Bike's fault, totally :) Robby and Joe were visiting from OC and spoiled the babe with some cute gifts. Makes it all feel so real to share this time with family!
Movement:  Feeling some flutters! I love it. Rumor has it it'll be full-on martial arts in a week or two. Can't wait for Todd to feel it too.
Food cravings/aversions:  Can't seem to get enough fruit. And ice cream... always ice cream, but trying to stick to the healthy stuff. Not loving meat but nothing new there...
What I miss: Margaritas after a long bike ride. Goat cheese. White wine. But I'm sure my hips don't miss any of it! 
Sleep:  I'm feeling pretty rested most of the time -- just tossing and turning trying to get comfortable throughout the night. Ended up the couch a few times.
What I'm looking forward to: We're more than half way there now, and I'm just really looking forward to meeting the lil' dude!
Symptoms:  Nothing really yet!