Monday, July 11, 2011

This Very Instant

In the challenges, the big scary decisions, the life transitions that feel like they will swallow you, the fear, the worry, the times when you feel pulled completely out of your comfort zone, the times when you feel so overwhelmed because you don’t have all the perfect pretty answers, the times when you fall flat on your face and the times when you just don’t know what to do next… these are the times of our lives. These are the times that stretch us to become greater than we imagine ourselves to be. These are the times that, if you let yourself take a deep breath (let yourself), you know you were meant for something greater. These are the moments we will someday be most thankful for because they cracked us wide open and made us take things to the next level. These are the pivotal moments when we are faced with a choice: stay stuck or dive in. Perhaps this very instant is your time. I think it’s time for a few cannonballs, friends! Dive in. - Lara Casey via

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