Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tastes Orangey

I came across artist Clare Elsaesser on A Cup of Jo yesterday and I'm very much in love!  Her collection, Tastes Orangey, incorporates both original paintings and sewn prints and just feels oh-so-homey.  The image below is one of my favorites and I might be snatching it up very soon. It reminds me so much of my bedroom, my pillows, my perfect duvet, and my favorite time of day :) All of Clare's prints are printed on matte paper, which is sewn with thread onto a piece of textured watercolor paper giving the print a substantial feel.  I see an eclectic wall collage in my future!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Save the Drama for your Mama

Here at work, things have gotten out of hand in the gossip department. While I can't go in too much detail because I have no idea who reads my blog, let's leave it at this:

It's toxic. It's hurtful. It's unproductive, and it sure as heck doesn't help anyone. I'm trying to make it stop, one quarter at a time... so I built this funny contraption:

It reads, "Conversation is an exercise of the mind. Gossip is merely an exercise of the tongue." -unknown

For every malicious story, thought, rant or rumor that is said in my office, a quarter will get deposited in to my gossip jar by whoever started it - myself included (as hard as I try, I'm guilty at times...we all are. Let's be honest with ourselves!)

Once the bank is filled to the brim, money will be donated to a charity of my choice. And we'll eliminate gossip slowly but surely, and the world will be solved of all its problems...
Here's hoping.


If you're like me, you find inspiration all over the interwebs - blogs, facebook, etsy, online stores, and so on...
If you're like me, you have 570 emails to yourself with links, quotes, and photos you like so that you never, never lose sight of the things you come across.
I'm constantly doing inbox searches for things I emailed to myself years ago and find myself googling the funniest things to try and remember where they originally came from.

And one day, along came Pinterest: a place to catalog the things you love.

I LOVE this site for so many reasons. It serves as a virtual pinboard of sorts, a little corner to call your own where you pull together all the things you find interesting, meaningful, purchase-worthy, cute, funny, etcetera etcetera etcetera. You can also "follow" collections by people who you might think have great taste.

I absolutely fell in love with one particular board last night that belongs to someone I get so much inspiration from in general. I love her mish-mosh of clothing, design, motivating words and beautiful photographs.

The website is still in private beta, so you have to request an invitation... but I guarantee you, it'll be worth the wait.

Happy pinning!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfect Imperfections

I am a published writer, folks! Haha - not quite, but I am so thrilled to have a little story about our wedding day featured on The Wedding Yentas. Check it out and leave love over there; those ladies deserve it!

(One day you'll stop hearing about our wedding, but not today...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I'll Do, Things I Won't

Have you discovered the gem that is "To My Wife"? He's adorable, and sorry ladies, he's not even looking right now...

On the subject of Gchat:
All day everyday. Possibly even when we’re in the same room. Possibly…