Monday, July 6, 2009

independence, gratitude and sangria

i'm pretty sure they say that the way you celebrate your birthday is a good indication of how the rest of the year will unravel. if that's the case, i've got it made.

the weekend started on thursday night, when katie, her boyfriend david, todd and i had a cupcake making party complemented by some hookah, champagne and grey goose. things got a little crazy when decorating went from american flags and happy faces, to boobies and other forms of anatomy. the 4th of july paraphernalia was brought out in honor of BOTH our birthdays being on independence day. the following morning i was graced by an impromptu visit by joanna and her boyfriend tim. they treated us to a yummy lunch at 333 bayside overlooking boats and crystal blue newport beach waters, and brought me the most beautiful flowers and of course an owl card!

since friday was my momma's birthday, the whole family (well, okay, minus one little sister) dined at our family favorite, cucina alessa. cousin josh never ceases to act like a wise-ass around other people but we love him dearly, even when he slurps spaghetti and meatballs all over our brand-new dresses. the night ended at muldoon's to wish chelsea a bon voyage to san francisco and at midnight, my amazing friends handed me a blue bag from tiffany's. holllaaa!

saturday--my birthday and america's--was spent just the way it should have been. we were in my parents' backyard from 12pm til after 12am with a constant flow of family and friends, sangria, food, cupcakes, beer and good music! the only time we got up out of our rocking seats was to bring out more food or venture to "suicide hill" for fireworks. i felt so lucky to be in the company of amazing family, perfect friends and the best boyfriend! the best part was, none of it was planned out! the only thing i was left wishing for, come sunday, was a repeat!

back to life, back to reality...when's retirement?