Friday, August 17, 2012

10 Things I Did This Week

1. I made a spontaneous decision on Saturday to pick up a copy of The Cinch Plan and give it a try.  I am one more meal away from surviving the insane "five day, five food" fast forward and beginning the real plan.  I feel great, but hungry... and if I eat one more spoonful of plain, nonfat yogurt I might hurl.  Oh, and don't be fooled.  It's four foods, not five.  Basil and cinnamon do not count as food.
2. Made some plans to see a few friends when we're in LA for Barri and Greg's wedding over Labor Day weekend.  I always look forward to these short, but friend-and-family-filled visits!
3.  On Saturday, we went for a great hike with friends in Palo Alto.  I love that the Bay Area has an endless number of incredible places to explore the outdoors.  It was a hot day (yes, we have summers here despite what everyone else loves to think), but we were fully prepared with ice cold water and delicious sandwiches from a new favorite local Palo Alto market.
4. I was having a little chat with Dani as I walked home from the bus to find this leaf just sitting there waiting to be instagrammed.  Wait, instagrammed is underline... does this mean it's not a real verb yet?  Ha. I was amazed that technology allowed me to take the picture, instagram it, and text it to her, all while we were having a conversation on the same phone.
5. We already started talking about plans for Thanksgiving this year.  It's crazy how time flies... we're coming up on a year of SF living next month!
6. Sent another Festival of Children Foundation newsletter off to the printer!  Rewarded myself with spinach and almonds... and basil.  Ugh.
7. We spent many hours on the couch pouring through Mad Men episodes on Netflix (says the girl who NEVER, EVER watches TV), and am still left dumbfounded by it all.  Still not sure if I actually like it or am just intrigued by the character development... and the fact that they're drunk at 7am.  Everyday.
8. Passed on two invitations from friends to go to happy hour this week because of #1 above.  Then made the decision to never put spinach before my social life ever again.
9. Made some good progress on work projects that have been brewing in my mind for a while now... feels so good to be creative and productive :)
10. Went to the gym four times in just as many days. Hollaaaa!  Thank you to the Glee, Rent, and Rascal Flatts stations on Pandora for getting me through it all.