Friday, April 1, 2011

I Haz Bro-in-Law

me:  raaar
i'm staring at a blog that needs updating
i'm in a write-sy mood
whattttttttt should i write about
Jamie:  probably me
and how awesome i am
write about this weekend, going to do the 5k
and hang with the people
i'm thinking pool party saturday afternoon! yea?
write about that until 1942, we would say the pledge of allegiance while pointing at the flag nazi style
(they stole it from us)
but we totally borrowed the idea from the Romans

1 comment:

CTiV said...

Fairly certain at this point that I got totally scammed, and that the whole pledge of allegiance thing was misinformation (AND I FELL FOR IT!). The internet is like the Wild Wild West, and I seem to have lost this duel.