Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Public. Private. Public. Private.

So my track record is kinda stinky. 10 months in between blog posts is a far cry from consistent, but really... I can attribute it to an ongoing battle in my own little head. I don't like pouring my heart out to the world wide web, yet I sometimes feel that if I don't write enough, I might just explode.

If I make it "invited readers only", I'm afraid I'll subconsciously screen what I say, and at the same time, I probably wont reach the group of anonymous readers that I'd like to reach. I'm a total blog-stalker myself and would hate to miss out on an entire audience of random people that mistakenly find my blog. That's a big part of all the fun and I'd kinda hoped to one day have a little interactive bunch of groupies that converse, share thoughts and ideas and random musings within the context of my blog.

So here goes...take five? I guess I've given up on privacy! Public wins...for now.

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