Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deck the Walls

We moved in to our apartment in June, and from day one it felt like a home. Comfy couches, walls painted with rich hues of blue and eggplant, a kitchen stocked with tools, dishtowels and gadgets that would make Ina Garten jealous.
But our bedroom? Three barren white walls. A desk. Two dressers. A bed. And lots and lots of clothes. It needed help.

So off to the antique market I went, five months after we moved in. Then to Target. Then to Aaron Brothers. Then back to Target. Z Gallerie. Etsy. Pottery Barn. Slowly but surely, our bedroom doesn't look like a hotel room. Our bedroom is starting to look like ours. An eclectic mix of picture frames and vintage prints make up this shelf that shows off a few of my true loves: Paris, big leafy trees, Marc Chagall, vintage keys, old street signs and more. It's a work in progress but it's something I can finally be happy to sit and stare at from bed on a lazy Sunday morning :)

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