Monday, November 15, 2010

A Monday Letter

Dear Todd,

It’s Monday. And I can’t help but remember the Monday morning feelings I felt exactly one year ago today, waking up next to my fiancé who had proposed just the day before. It was a day of overwhelming love, gratitude, excitement, family and giddiness for what was to come. I couldn’t believe what was happening just before my eyes.

This morning, our alarms went off simultaneously and I had a lucid flashback to that Monday morning after November 15, 2009. That same excitement, love and gratitude rushed over me as I turned to you this morning and kissed your scruffy face. It’s been a year of adventure, of ups and downs, of learning and growing and loving. It’s been a year of finding out who we are – as husband and wife, as roommates, as soulmates.

So, thank you. Thank you…
…for making me laugh uncontrollably with your imitations of an Italian ambulance speeding through the cobblestone streets of Rome
…for perfecting the art of the crockpot and grilled vegetables, and for cooking your own steak so I don’t have to
…for being my warmest blanket
…for encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and go camping in sub-zero temperatures (okay, it was 37 degrees)
…for pushing me to talk about things when I want to shut down. Or cry. Or both.
…for bringing flowers home “just because”
…for picking up your life and moving it 50 miles south
…for making the mundane seem fun (I love it when you sing songs as we unpack the groceries)
…for your calming demeanor that makes life seem like a piece of cake sometimes
…for being the very best pasta-maker on this earth. Your homemade linguine comes out way better than mine.
…for loving my family and friends and treating them like they’re yours
…for wiping the tears when they wont stop; for lending your t-shirt as a tissue :)
…for wearing your hideous sandals in spite of the mockery; I love a man who stays true to himself
…for welcoming me in to the most loving, fun and supportive family that I’m so excited to call my own
…for signing us up for this crazy adventure called marriage one year ago today!

I love you more every day.

The other half of Double T