Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Faves

Do you know what happens when the men in our lives get sucked in to watching documentaries about cleanses, products, diets and electronics that can change your life?  We usually go out a day later and buy said products, usually after pinky swearing we'd never be asked to buy another kitchen electronic from now until forever.
We started the Reboot cleanse to basically get rid of all the crap in our bodies.  And oh, it worked (see last post).  On night #1, we attempted to "juice" using our blender which ended up in a chunky, tasteless mess of kale, spinach and other leafy things.  We were basically eating the juice instead of drinking it, so I immediately got online to see about making a proper juicer purchase!  I figured we're already one foot in, and if we're going to do the cleanse... we're gonna do it right.
Which brings me to my next installment of Friday Faves...
I caved and bought this time sucker of an appliance after reading so many rave reviews.  At only $99, this thing has a 700 watt motor and spins the filter basket at 14,000 RPM!  Holy juice!  In less than 5 seconds, it can spit out 8 oz. of the freshest, most nutritious and best tasting juice you've ever had.  Spinach, kale, whole apples, carrots, celery, beets, bananas. The pulp that's left over is completely dry so you know you've squeezed out every last drop of juice.  We're obsessed, and if you don't watch out...we might be juicing your sushi pretty soon.

Milk + Honey
One of my favorite things to do is meet my BFFOUSBCA for coffee dates before work to catch up and chat with no distractions.  This morning was no exception! Tucked away in a little corner of The Camp in Costa Mesa is Milk + Honey, a cute little cafe that has the best of both worlds - delicious fresh food and a perfect atmosphere.  We love their open air patio filled with succulents and rustic furniture, and often sit on the comfy velvet couch with our lattes and acai bowls (SO delish) soaking up the precious early morning time before hitting the office.  If you're a newbie there, try the lavender latte - you won't be disappointed!

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