Tuesday, March 3, 2009

there's a part of me in the chaos that's quiet

first things first. if you can tell me where the featured artwork in this post comes from, i will send you a serious prize. the item was left on my keyboard this morning when i came in to the office, and i have to say there are few things i'd have rather seen on a tuesday. :)

second, i haven't updated in donkey's years because quite frankly, i don't think anyone reads this to warrant frequent posts. then again, it's a chicken-or-the-egg kinda thing, because i know if i posted often and well, i might garner one or two audience members. :)

third, i moved 2 weeks ago. best decision i've made in four years! my favorite thing about the apartment to date are: my awesome roommate katie, my crazy (and yes, sociopathically, by-the-books crazy) neighbor gigi downstairs, the fact that i can entertain friends and boyfriend whenever i want, the fact that if we want to spend all day saturday drinking vodka sodas and creating facebook events in the living room, we can. and my favorite purchase for the living room, this rug (pictured right) from west elm.

in other news, i am training for a half marathon in may and let's just say i'm not quite where i should be. i am loving the flourescent pink sunset jogs but they never last more than 45 minutes before i'm ready to drop dead. i'm pretty sure i wasn't cut out for this.

peace, love, and hamsas.

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