Tuesday, March 31, 2009

orange is the new black

listen up, dear reader. yes, reader.

life has been fun lately, filled with adventure, celebration, work and play. but all i'm gonna discuss right now is...
the mandarinquat.
i first fell in love with the mandarinquat last week when i noticed that the boxed donned the infamous "frieda's" label. this specialty produce company is owned by a family friend whose claim to fame is the introduction of kiwi fruit to america in 1962. how cool is that?
i highly suggest you visit your local trader joe's to try out the mandarinquat for yourself. the mandarinquat (okay, i just like saying it...) is a cross between a mandarin and a kumquat, with a "sweet peel and tart, tangy flavor." and how often do you actually get to eat the sweet skin of a fruit that bears striking resemblence to an orange?
i did my research to find out what others say about the mandarinquat, and i couldn't have said it better than her:
first it's the funny way you feel when you say their name: m a n d a r i n q u a t. quirky, daring, silly, flirtatious, kooky, knowledgeable.
if you never thought a fruit could make you feel silly, kooky and flirtatious, i dare you to try it. i don't think it'll disappoint.

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