Saturday, September 20, 2008

maybe we could sleep in, i'll make you banana pancakes

this is by far the laziest day i've had in a few months. i unplugged my laptop, brought it in to bed with me (euw, kinky) and i'm sitting here catching up on life. cleaned my desk, organized (but ignored) some paperwork, made a smoothie, turned on jack johnson, and all is right with the world.

tonight is the annual kids of kilimanjaro gala at balboa bay club, hosted by the incredible namkung family who designed (and continue to fund) a school lunch program for kids living in the monduli district in tanzania. i admire anyone who sees a need and makes it their life goal to take action and solve the problem. kudos to chelsea and her family for doing just that. i'll be helping out at the event tonight - and whether or not i win another $1,000 bloomingdales gift certificate or meet another beautiful girl like mary (pictured at last year's event), i'll be happy to see what's in store for the evening.

in other news, i gave birth to a new website this month, which has taken over my life at work for many, many, many hours. check it out. i'm stoked about this project and can't wait to see what comes of it!
in other other news, i'm counting down the days until a week-long stay at the stunning Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta in november. i have no problem with places like london, rome, new york, and san francisco (in fact, i've been to all of those in the last year!) but i have been craving a tropical, do-nothing-but-eat-drink-sleep-read-and-tan getaway for a couple years and it's finally that time! i will be joined by some of my best friends (and maybe a certain boyfriend) and i can't wait.
my baby sister just took off on a 3-month jaunt to tel aviv, where she'll be working with renowned desiger, galit levi. keep up on her travels, falafel consumption, and camel rides here.
better go check on grams.
peace, love and kilimanjaro.


Victoria said...

i didn't know you had a blog!!!! i've never been "tagged" so exciting :) xo

Chelsea said...

wow taryn, i had no idea you were doing this. love it! so awesome!

p.s. glad you like, isn't it great?

Joanna said...

This picture is SO you. I love it.