Friday, May 6, 2011


Things I Am Doing This Weekend:
1. Exercising (too many office lunches this week)
2. Drinking a cocktail or two (to balance out the exercising)
3. Celebrating two wonderful mothers in my life (where would we be without them?)
4. Celebrating my father-in-law's birthday (i adore him)
5. Thinking, over-thinking, and thinking some more about my (our) next steps in life (lately it seems like all i do)
6. Planning something fun (a camping trip, a summer party, a themed dinner...anything!)
7. Snuggling (with my main squeeze.  literally.  i squeeze him so hard that i occasionally hear a pop.)
8. Drinking my favorite coffee (waking up san diego since 1968)
9. Soaking up the sunshine (or any fresh air for that matter)
10. Giving the apartment a scrub-down (love me some clean sheets, sparkly floors and toothpaste-gooey-free-countertops)

Things I Am Not Doing This Weekend:
1. Working (enough said)

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