Monday, October 5, 2009

giving sushi a shot

the month of september really knocked the wind right out of me. my blog suffered just as much as my sanity did. it was my fifth (FIFTH! time flies...) festival of children so i was on-call for a month, aside from spending a few days in new york for a fundraiser we hosted in central park. add that to visits from granny, cousin myrna, the jewish high holy days and life... and it was time for some respite come the first weekend in october.

and that's precisely what i did.

this past weekend, todd and i paid a visit to his family's cabin in lake arrowhead. we stayed in our pajamas from morning til night, until we had to face civilization for sunday lunch in the village before heading home.

on saturday, after some pomegranete peach pancakes, and in between watching 2 movies, 6 episodes of super nanny and 25 repetitions of the same infomercial (shout out to bling string! the styling sensation that's sweeping the nation!) we made our first attempt at homemade sushi. it tasted delicious (crab rolls, shrimp rolls, and tuna oh my!) and was perfectly complemented by a bottle of nigori sake, our personal favorite.

a work in progress...

the finished product (gjmme a break, i was a sushi chef virgin!)

oktoberfest at the village (small towns have my heart):

a beautiful day on the lake (view from woody's family restaurant!)

goodbye lake arrowhead. you were so good to us. til november...

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