Sunday, June 22, 2008

"it was so hot outside, you could fry an egg"

if every weekend was just like this one, i might never work. it was a schvitzer, no doubt. spent yesterday hopping between beach and pool in 110 degree heat but aside from sweating buckets, dani and i were quite content in our taco loco-induced heaven.

after just over an hour at cress street (pictured here on a much cooler evening a few weeks ago), we gave up and went for a dunk in the pool. spent the evening drinking palomas in the backyard with some family to celebrate the longest day of the year, and discovered my sister's allergy to escolar:

"As much as I love this fish, it has a dark side. The oil in escolar is not digested in humans. That is good for the diet. But it is not so good for our gastrointestinal system. Escolar has earned the nickname "Ex-Lax fish." In portions over 6 ounces, it causes a condition known as keriorrhoea, which rhymes with another, very similar, malady. The Japanese have banned it since 1977. In the U.S., the FDA banned escolar in 1990, but reversed itself a few years later. As one Los Angeles chef said, "It is . . . sort of a crap shoot."

uh, sorry sister...sorry that you had to spend your last night of summer vacation hugging the porcelain god. :(

today i woke up early to drive down to beautiful la costa where i met the boy's family! enjoyed a shrimp and margarita lunch at las olas in cardiff by the sea. have i mentioned how much i love seaside towns that have never seen a chain restaurant in their existence? 'cuz it rocks.

that brings me to sunday night, the start of yet another work week. 12 days til birthday shenanigans in san francisco! :)

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